Shaft loader magazine

Shaft Loader

  • High speed loading of shaft type work with high speed loading about 25% of the time required of a barfeeding machine. This is commonly used for components that require end work only and not along the component. Parting off is not normally preformed with this type of machine
  • The standard Bartec Shaft Loader has a 59.06” (1500mm) stroke that allows for long shaft type components (longer machines have been purpose built)

The standard size magazine that comes with the Bartec Shaft-Loader 11.81” (300mm) Long x 19.69” (500mm) deep and 7.87” (200mm) High. Often the Bartec Shaft-Loader has a custom designed magazine dependant on the customers requirements and these can be adjustable in length.

Lifting Device
The Bartec Shaft-Loader lifts & separates shafts or billets from the magazine into the supporting ‘V’ location at the Lathe centerline. This device is a pneumatic lifter so an air supply is required.

Automation Options
Often Bartec SUL-1500’s are used for total automation with the Bartec Shaft-Loader combined in the CNC-Lathe package, they all have their own PLC and communicate directly through the CNC-Lathe barfeeder interface.

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