Tonner 2.5

Tonner 2.5

BartecSolutions’ latest design in CNC lathe barfeeding is the Tonner 2.5. A high capacity short barfeeder, it’s ideally suited for repetition engineers.

The all electric short barfeeders have all the benefits of no spindle speed limitation, with no vibration transmitted to the CNC lathe by the barfeeder and material is supported directly in the lathe spindle. As factory floor space is money, the benefit of a small footprint enables the whole CNC lathe and barfeeder package to be installed in the smallest of factory spaces.

All barfeeders are quite limited in the amount of material stock that can be handled, which can limit an unmanned operation or even lights out operating.

With the latest edition to the barfeeding range, the Tonner 2.5 solves both floor space issue and material stock capacity by incorporating their bundle type material magazine. The new design enables approximately 400% more material storage (diameter dependent) and reduces the floor space by 40%.

The Tonner 2.5’s innovative feature is the new SMS messaging function, which will send you or your machine operator a message when the material has run out and it will also SMS your relevant personnel if there is an alarm situation.

Bartec Solutions’ Tonner 2.5 has an all new German control, with larger memory capacity, higher level of drive control and a small electrical panel that is mounted high in a clean environment increasing the reliability of the system.


  • High Capacity, high volume, short barfeeding machine with 1 tonne material capacity. Four to five times the volume of material than any other short barfeeder.
  • Smallest footprint of any machine on the market and able to be loaded by the bundle from both sides of the machine.
  • Automatic sensing of the bundle of material for interference and bar location.
  • The double sensing system has the added safety and security of the double redundant sensors to add to the fail-safe system.
  • The double redundant sensors check the location of the bundle of material and automatically determine the appropriate action to clear any override of material or multiple bar loading as only one bar can be fed into the lathe.
  • SMS cell phone messaging contacts the operator with a predetermined message like: ‘Bartec Barfeeder #123456 requires more material’ or for your Maintenance person: ‘Bartec Barfeeder #123456 requires assistance, Alarm 24245 active please attend’.


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