Hydrodynamic specifications



Floor must be sound and the barfeed securely fixed. A collet chuck should be fitted wherever possible. Machine tool should be secured to the floor. The Bartec feeder must be correctly aligned and adjusted. Correct coil should be used.

Standard equipment

  • Guide tube assembly forward and rear stands
  • Hydraulic pump unit and motor
  • Electrics with interface for bar end signal
  • Levelling screws, mount pads and hold down bolts
  • Return oil filter assembly and hose
  • Alignment plug and nylon line
  • Portable inching control for new bar insertion
  • Interface connection cable 5 metres
  • Spindle reduction tube blanks (1 set)

Optional equipment

  • Spindle reduction tubes fully machined to suit customer’s lathe
  • Special paint colour


  • 415V 50Hz 3Ph (Other voltages on request)
  • Bar end signal output via isolated relay with normally open or closed contacts
  • Main isolator has thermal overload and short circuit protection
  • Contactors and isolators are approved by all major authorities


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