Anti-vibration bar centre device

Bar insertion and remnant stripping

Synchronisation (optional)



Anti-vibration bar centring device
Mounted on the front of the loader close to the end of the lathe spindle, this device assists with reduction of bar vibration and noise, fully supporting the bar and opening only when the pushrod passes through. For maximum benefit from this unit, bar straightness should be within 0.5mm/metre.

Bar insertion and remnant stripping
This clamping device has a detect function to verify insertion into the pushrod collet as well as correct removal of the remnant at the end of the bar processing cycle.

Synchronisation (optional)
Available option for smooth bar control with sliding headstock lathes. It allows fast forward and reverse lathe motion without any feed pressure from the loader.

Anti-vibration device
It is built between the feeder front and lathe.
The bush diameter is extremely close to the bar size. Entire device is circulation lubricated to effectively prevent vibration of infeed material and ensure turning component accuracy. The device can be opened to allow pusher to pass through. When changing bar size, the brush should be changed too.

PLC controller with interface PCB
The controller meets CE standards. The Siemens PLC is interfaced via the I.O. board to the CNC lathe or CAM automatic. The I.O. board is designed for maximum flexibility with isolation between loader and lathe.

  • Portable control unit for operator convenience
  • Detection and alarm of over or underfeeding
  • Setting of parameters to suit your particular lathe
  • Display of all alarm conditions
  • Control of bar forward motion speed
  • Fine adjustment of feed force
  • Allows setting a position for infeed without use of a lathe stop
  • Bar Cap. 5-42 (38-42)
    Bar Cap. 5-45 (40-45)
    Bar Dias ( ) can be used if bar is turned down


  • Can be used on fixed or sliding headstock CNC lathes
  • Compact space saving design uses minimum floor space
  • Loader is totally enclosed for maximum safety and noise reduction
  • Easily operated by semi skilled personnel utilising built-in interlocks for maximum safety
  • Wide variety of bar sizes can be accommodated in one guide channel
  • Bar loader supports round, hexagon and square profile barstock
  • Minimum down time for bar size change over
  • Bar rotates in an oil filled polymer channel to minimise bar vibration, improve surface finish and reduce noise


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