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Rapidfeed 551


Rapidfeed 551

The user friendly multi-line display and operation station.
The screen displays all needed information to allow rapid setting and
productive operation of the loading process.

Also used by installation engineers to minimise time for set up and
interface checking.

Left are examples of different screens available to the Rapidfeed 551.

Some of the many profit making features

Fast operation Pushrod speed 1.3m/s

Set up for new bar sizes in less than 3
Key in the bar diameter
Key in the feed length
Set magazine bar diameter

Bar feed speed and move force Automatically set by the feeder system when bar
diameter is keyed in

No pushrod change required and no
support rollers
Only one hardened pushrod installed for all required
sizes from 8mm-102mm or 0.315”–4.016” dia.

Improved access to rear of lathe Release two screws and tilt the upper section
forward for clear lathe access and fast spindle liner

  • Rapidfeed 551 is a Compact Bar Loading System for CNC lathes. With a large magazine capacity allowing long unattended operation. (40 pieces of 25mm or 0.984” bar can be run before reloading is necessary).
  • The 551 has been designed to combine the advantages of auto barloading with small floor space needs.
  • All Electric Drive using VAC Technology and standard 3ph Electric Motors with encoder feedback for precise position control and high reliability.
  • The low investment cost of the 551 coupled with the high productivity gains means that return on investment can be quickly realised (usually in 6-12 months).
  • Large or small batches can be economically run with very short changeover time from one bar diameter to another. Usually less than 3 minutes.
  • With bar material contained within the lathe headstock very high cutting speeds can be used. **
  • When using an appropriate spindle liner the only rotational speed restriction is that imposed by the cutting tool, not bar straightness.

** It is recommended that a Spindle Liner be used forevery 0.08” or 2mm variation in bar diamete


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