Shaft Unloader SUL-1500

  • High speed unloading of shaft type work generally through a lathe sub-spindle
  • The standard Bartec Shaft UnLoader has a 59.06” (1500mm) stroke that allows for long shaft type components (longer machines have been purpose built)


Generally the SUL-1500 has a custom designed magazine dependant on the
customers requirements. A standard size magazine comes with the Bartec SUL1500.

Gripping Device

The Bartec SUL-1500 uses a collet type gripper to remove the component through the sub-spindle.


Minimal setup is required as the collet normally needs to changed and a few setting on the Bartec SUL-1500 screen but simplicity is the key to this shaft unloader.

Automation Options

Often Bartec SUL-1500’s are used for total automation with the Bartec Shaft-Loader combined in the CNC-Lathe package, they all have their own PLC and communicate directly through the CNC-Lathe barfeeder interface.

Download Bartec Shaft Unloader SUL-1500 brochure


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